About us

Feriecenter Slettestrand is a family-owned and -operated holiday resort. We spend most of our waking hours creating a holiday resort where people, regardless of their abilities, can meet on an equal footing and have close experiences in our beautiful nature - all year round. From days of partying, speed and full houses to days of tranquillity and time for contemplation. Welcome to Slettestrand in...Storm & Silence

A family with a dream

If you have visited Feriecenter Slettestrand, you will probably know who the Kronborg family is. We are not easy to miss. We have owned the Feriecenter since 1999. The place has been ours in every way from day one and is now like a second home to us all. A dream came true when John and Inger Marie Kronborg bought Feriecenter Slettestrand in 1999. Many tears have been shed since then, many drops of sweat have left the foreheads and many laughs have resounded in the Feriecenter’s premises. Because building and running a family business is both hard and fun.

Ever since 1999, we as a family have followed the dream and run our place based on our own values and what we as people are passionate about. John and Inger Marie Kronborg have a background as special education teachers and Inger Marie has worked with developmentally disabled young people for almost 30 years before taking a significant career change as owner of a Feriecenter. Therefore, the place was also bought with a dream of creating a holiday resort where there is room for everyone - regardless of their abilities.

As the years have gone by, more and more children and children-in-law have joined the company. And they are not few, because John and Inger Marie actually have six children, six children-in-law and 14 grandchildren! In 2016, son-in-law Kristian Skjødt took over as managing director from John Kronborg. A full 10 years before that, children Kirsten and Kresten Kronborg had bought in as co-owners of the Feriecenter and both work there to this day. In total, five children, two sons-in-law and one daughter-in-law of John and Inger Marie are employed by the company. You can find our functional areas and contact details here.

In the last almost 10 years, another interest and passion has been brought into the company - mountain biking. Many of us are passionate mountain bikers and have travelled the world experiencing magnificent scenery from two wheels. This has given us the drive to build trails, create stays and pass on the joy we have felt when we have gone out into the world with our bikes on the back of our cars. You can read more about our MTB adventures here.

Many concepts - the same joy

We have many different guests, who come with very different requirements. What they all have in common is that they come to enjoy the magnificent scenery, good food and family atmosphere. That's why no concept or guest is more important to us than another - we enjoy diversity and we hope you do too. Below you can see what our business currently includes - and there will definitely be more because we never stop getting ideas!

See our little film and our place and our passion

The film was made in the summer of 2017. It is Kristian Skjødt's story of why he fell in love with Slettestrand - even before he fell in love with his daughter Mette!

Boenheden Delfinen - en del af Feriecenter Slettestrand

We have chosen to integrate a residential unit into our company as something special. Janni, Ida, Sidsel, Mette, Flemming, Rasmus, Tony, Benjamin and Lars live in the Delfinen residential unit. They are all developmentally disabled, but with different diagnoses. They live and work at Feriecenter Slettestrand and you can therefore meet them in different places in the house. For example in the kitchen where Ida helps with breakfast, in the reception where Janni often helps or around the complex where most of them help with putting out linen, sweeping, emptying bins, mowing the lawn and many other important functions in daily life.

They all have their own apartment and their common room is in wing B. Here they eat together, have fun and do activities together. Jakob Kronborg is the manager of the Delfinen residential unit and we employ many educators and assistants. All residents and staff in Delfinen are a very important part of our place and if we didn't have them, daily life would be nowhere near as fun and rewarding as it is in their company.