Local attractions

As well as a wealth of experiences and close-up adventures in Slettestrand, there's plenty else to experience when you're on holiday in Slettestrand by the North Sea. Below you'll find a selection of the local attractions and experiences we recommend.

Tranum Light and Glass

A cosy glass studio, ceramics workshop and arts and crafts shop. Here you can come to a workshop and make your own glass art or just drop by the shop. If you are a group, Jonna can arrange a workshop especially for you. 

Distance from Slettestrand: 10 km.


Gallery Lien

Visit the renowned art centre situated with a unique view over Jammerbugten.

Distance from Slettestrand: 1 km.


Svinkløv turridning

Come for a ride to the forest and beach with a local guide on beautiful Icelandic horses.

Distance from Slettestrand: 3 km. 


Hjortdal Animal Farm

Cosy little animal farm with an impressive number of fun and exciting animals. It is definitely worth a visit when you are on holiday in Slettestrand with children!

Distance from Slettestrand: 2 km.


Jammerbugtens fodbold golf

Football golf is fun and can be played by everyone, young and old. 

Every round on the course is a challenge for those who want to have a nice day as well as for the competition man. 

Enjoy the cosy facilities in and around the clubhouse after the round.

Distance from Slettestrand: 7 km.


Fårup Sommerland

Fårup is one of Denmark's biggest tourist attractions with lots of wild and fun activities for the whole family. Everything from wild slides and children's volleyball to Denmark's largest and wettest water park. There are more than 60 rides and once the entrance fee is paid, all rides and the Aquapark are free.

Distance from Slettestrand: 30 km.


Limfjord Museum

Exciting and cosy museum right next to the fjord in Løgstør. Here you can easily spend a whole day exploring, catching crabs and swimming when the weather is right. Løgstør is also a pleasant harbour town with shops and good restaurants.

Distance from Slettestrand: 26 km.


Sculpture Park Blokhus

Perhaps Denmark's most beautiful and largest sculpture park, filled with amazing sculptures

in sand, wood, concrete, iron, metal, stone, granite, bronze, etc. 

- and wonderful sensory gardens with activities and play equipment for young and old.

Distance from Slettestrand: 27 km.


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