The raw ingredients
behind the food

Good seasonal raw ingredients from exciting and enthusiastic producers

Restaurant Slettstrand's cuisine is based on good seasonal ingredients from a number of exciting and enthusiastic producers. We choose based on the quality and taste of the ingredients, but ethics also play a big role. Animal welfare, as well as resource use and local produce are key words, along with ecology and proximity. We continuously find new and exciting suppliers.

We see the cooperation with our local producers as something very valuable. In addition to providing fantastic ingredients for the kitchen, they themselves work according to values that fit in very well with our concept and support our dreams of a sustainable kitchen and a well-functioning local community.

We are proud to present our regular partners below:

Rokkedahl free-range chicken

We get free range chickens from Rokkedahl. Rokkedahl chickens are raised with access to the outdoors and at Rokkedahl they have a burning passion for animal welfare, the environment and great taste. It all starts with giving the free-range chickens access to fields and meadows where they can walk as they please. A small detail like this makes a world of difference to the quality of the chicken served. Rokkedahl's chickens can all be traced back to Rokkedahl Farm and are naturally free of brine and other additives.

Free-range pigs from Peter Rosenbeck

We get most of our pork from Peter, who has happy free-range pigs near Dronninglund. This means pork from animals that have had space to develop their natural instincts, which can be felt in both meat quality and conscience. The animals are fed with Danish, GMO-free feed.


First class young cattle from Himmerland. Raised with respect for the animals. Short transport time to the slaughterhouse and full focus on avoiding stress, for the benefit of animal welfare and meat quality. Professional butchers guarantee the best cuts, as well as the perfect maturation. We buy almost all our veal and beef from Himmerlandskød.

Thise organic dairy

Milk from Danish organic farmers is made into some of the world's best cheeses. Uncompromising organic quality with classics like Vesterhavsost and blue cornflower are always on our menus. We use as many cheeses from Thise as possible.

Fresh fish from small coastal boats

We buy fresh fish from the company KYST and from Thorupstrand. We have chosen this because the fish from the small coastal boats takes less time to travel and you can taste it. In addition, this type of fishing is sustainable, both at sea and in local communities.

Green from local fields

We get as many vegetables as possible from local partners: for example, Pia, from Naturbruget in Tranum, who grows all kinds of beautiful, organic salads, cabbage, root vegetables, herbs and much more.

Organic eggs from Bøgebæk

On our breakfast and lunch buffet you will find delicious eggs with sunny yellow plums from Bøgebæk organic. Here the hens roam freely among lots of greens and root vegetables, which not only makes for good animal welfare, but also great taste. By letting the flock live in the orchard, it is kept healthy while the hens go in safety and enjoy fall fruits like apples, pears and plums.

AB Catering, our regular partner

We use as many organic colonial products as possible from AB Catering. We only bake with organic wheat flour and we only use organic butter.

Nature around us - flavours that can't be copied!

We borrow with a gentle hand from the nature that surrounds us. We use mushrooms, rose hips, pores, flowers, fruits, berries and other interesting things from the North Jutland nature. The wild ingredients add flavours to our food that are unique to our particular area and the season it is set in. We always strive to treat nature with respect, and we are therefore gentle in our use of nature's wild ingredients. We have a professional herbalist in house who guarantees the safety of our guests. All the wild ingredients we use are sourced from places free from contamination and where we have permission to sanitise.

Read more about our sustainability work in the kitchen and how we serve Food with Care…


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