We care for the world's oceans by minimising
our waste

Less waste and better waste sorting

As an important part of our sustainable work, we focus on minimising our waste and increasing the recycling of the resources we use through improved waste sorting.

We do this because:

  • We will reduce the amount of waste that ends up in our beautiful countryside.

  • We will contribute to a more efficient use of the planet's resources.

  • We will minimise CO2 emissions from the production of new products.

We take responsibility for our waste

As a Feriecenter, we want to take the lead and show how you can take responsibility for your waste, benefiting both the local and global environment. We work to minimise the amount of waste we produce in the day-to-day running of the Feriecenter. To this end, we have increased our focus on waste sorting, with the aim of recycling as much as possible.

Our action plan:

  • We will always investigate the possibilities of repair before we discard the old and buy new.

  • We will control food waste in the kitchen and from the buffet.

  • We will facilitate better waste sorting in our holiday homes and communal areas.

  • We will train our staff on better waste sorting.

  • We will communicate better with our guests about waste sorting.

  • We will continue to collect litter when we are out in nature.

The above objectives are in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and in particular the following sub-goals:

FN Verdensmål 11,6 FN Verdensmål 12,2 FN Verdensmål 12,3 FN Verdensmål 12.5 FN Verdensmål 14,1 FN Verdensmål 15,1


Guide to waste sorting in Slettestrand

We ask you, as a guest, to help us in this effort by sorting your waste during your visit with us. To help you on your way, we have prepared the following guide to waste sorting at Feriecenter Slettestrand. Please contact us if you have any questions, need further guidance or have any suggestions on how we can make things even better.

Pant-bottles and cans

Pant-bottles and cans are placed on the table in the apartment. They go to our residential community, The Dolphin, which uses the money from the pledge for their annual shelter trip.


Recyclable resources

The following recyclable resources are sorted and placed in the appropriate containers without bags:

  • Glass - glass and glass bottles without deposit. Must be emptied but do not need to be rinsed/wash.

  • Paper & cardboard - must be clean and dry!

  • Soft & hard plastics - must be emptied but do not need to be rinsed/washed.

  • Metal - e.g. metal cans. Must be emptied but do not need to be rinsed/wash.

  • Batteries

Glas  Papir & Pap  Blød- og hård plast  Metal  Batterier


Bio-waste includes all food waste, kitchen roll, napkins, packaged food, flowers, etc. There is a bio-waste bag in the apartment - remember to close the bag before putting it in the container!

Residual waste

Our container for residual waste is only used for what cannot be sorted into one of the above fractions. This could be textiles, chip bags, nappies and bicycle tyres. There is a bag for residual waste in the apartment - remember to close the bag before putting it in the container!


OBS! Containers for recycling, bio-waste and residual waste are located under the stairs at each apartment block and at the holiday homes.

Affaldssorteringsguide | Feriecenter Slettestrand

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